Inspiration isn’t something that can be turned on, which is why creative professions are often difficult to navigate! What happens when you get into a slump?

Try out these prompts to foster ideas and get creative in your work:

• Spend 10-15 minutes outside, noticing little details of God’s creation. Pick one object of focus—a blade of grass, a birdsong, a friendly breeze—and think of/write down 7 adjectives to describe it.

• Read about a saint you’re not as familiar with. What captivates you about their story? Pray for their intercession in your next endeavors.

• Pick a word to hold onto for a day. Write it down, think about it, and use it. 

• Think about people who have been in your life in a small way, like a former teacher or an acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while. Send a letter or message to them with a random memory and offer a quick prayer for their wellbeing.

• Go to Eucharistic Adoration to sit with Jesus in silence.

Prayer for Creatives

Heavenly Father, You have created me in Your image; Pour forth from me talents to glorify You, to revere You, and to fulfill Your intentions. Allow me to see clearly the path to completion. Allow me to be for others a guide toward Your light. Allow me to create with an open heart and willing hands. Blend and form the intricacies of my thoughts which will direct my creativity in Your name.

Blessed Carlo Acutis, pray for us! Amen.