After the children of Israel lived peacefully in Egypt for 400 years because Joseph (son of Israel) saved the land through God’s wisdom, a new pharaoh persecuted the descendants of Israel, enslaved them, and killed their baby boys so they could not grow in numbers. The people of Israel cried out to God for deliverance. God revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush and instructed Moses to deliver His people.

God sent nine plagues to show Pharaoh His power and superiority to the Egyptian ‘gods.’ Yet, Pharaoh refused to let the people go. His hardness of heart leads to the last plague in which the angel of death will mete out divine justice for the actions of Pharaoh, but also foreshadow God’s plan for divine mercy for the whole world.

As preparation for the coming of the angel of death, all Israelite households were to sacrifice a male, unblemished lamb who was of age and apply the blood of the lamb to the doorposts and lintel of the house. Then they were to eat the meal of the lamb with unleavened bread (there was no time for the yeast to rise). They must eat the meal dressed for a journey because that night, because of the blood of the lamb, the Isrealites would be passed over and spared by the angel of death, and God will deliver them from the land of Egypt and slavery.

The Passover event and annual memorial meal provides the lens to interpret Jesus’ universally salvific act. Jesus, who is the unblemished (without sin) lamb who was of age (His hour had come) becomes the sacrifice for our sins. All who repent and receive His mercy and will be passed over at their judgment and spared from eternal death. The blood placed on the wood of the doorposts and lintels in Egypt prefigures the Blood of Jesus found on the wood of His cross that was poured out for the many (Matthew 26:28). Not only is the sacrifice of the lamb present in Jesus’ sacrifice, but we also partake in the meal of the lamb. We consume Jesus in the appearance of unleavened bread and wine that are His Body and Blood.

Those who receive Jesus in the Eucharist receive the love that God shows for His people. Just as the Israelites were given freedom from the slavery of Egypt to worship God on their journey to the promised land, we are given the freedom from the slavery of sin to worship God on our journey to heaven. This can only take place through the sacrifice of Jesus, and it is a free gift for all who desire it.

Originally published in Prime Soil Magazine | Vol. 1 No. 2

Originally presented at The 10th National Eucharistic Congress in July 2024



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