St. Thomas Aquianas was born in the 13th century to a wealthy family in Italy. When he decided to join the Dominican Order, he was met with much resistance from his family. When he eventually escaped house arrest and joined the Dominicans, he was sent to the University of Paris where he studied under St. Albert. 

After some years of study and teaching, St. Thomas became Regent Master of Theology at the University of Paris. He began writing many of his now famous works and was known for his preaching. He was then made Papal Theologian and moved to Rome. It is during this time that Thomas wrote his most famous work, The Summa Theologica. After returning to the Regent Master at the University of Paris, Thomas had a mystical experience of God that had him levitating. After this exchange, Thomas never wrote again because what he could write could not compare to what he experienced in the mystical vision. St. Thomas died shortly after, was canonized, and is the patron saint of students and universities.