St. Rose was born in Lima, Peru in the late 16th century. Born of a wealthy family, she was set to be married. However, as a young girl Rose decided she wanted to be a nun and devoted herself to reception of the Eucharist and private mortifications. As a deterrent to the men that her mother tried to match her with, she cut hair short, burned her face with peppers, and took a vow of virginity. Finally, she was allowed to become a third order Dominican, but was not allowed to enter the convent.

Rose lived by herself in a small hut on her family’s property. She continued her life of asceticism by self flagellation, wearing a crown of thorns, and only sleeping a few hours a night. She experienced many visions and even contended with the Devil. She was also kind to the sick and poor, often bringing them to her hut to care for them. She excelled at needlework and flower arrangements by which she raised money for the poor. She died at the age of 31 and was the first canonized saint born in the Americas. She is the patron saint of embroiderers and florists.