Not a lot is known about the Evangelist Mark, but we do believe that He is mentioned multiple times in the New Testament under the name of “John Mark.” Son of a woman, named Mary, from Jerusalem and cousin of St. Barnabas, Mark was the companion of Sts. Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. It was ultimately in a dispute over Mark that caused Paul to split from Barnabas too, although reconciliation eventually happened. 

It is believed that Mark then had a close relationship with St. Peter, and Mark became His interpreter in Rome. It is believed that Mark’s gospel comes from Peter’s own mouth. Mark’s Gospel is the shortest Gospel with only 16 chapters (all others have over 20 chapters). Mark’s symbol is a winged Lion, and he is the patron saint of notaries. St. Mark was martyred in 68 AD in Alexandria. A rope was tied to his neck while he was dragged through the streets.