St. John, also known as the Beloved Disciple, was an apostle and the brother of St. James the Greater. Originally a fisherman and a son of Zebedee, John was one of the first Apostles called by Jesus and was generally known as the youngest Apostle. He, Peter, and James were part of Jesus ‘inner circle and it was only John (of the Apostles) that was present at the foot of Jesus’ cross, and he took Mary into his home. 

After Mary was assumed into heaven, tradition has it that St. John went on to Ephesus. He was then arrested, and the Romans attempted to boil him alive in oil. After John was completely unharmed, he was exiled to the island of Patmos. It was here that John received the vision that inspired the book of Revelation. He also is credited with writing the Gospel of John. He is the patron saint of love and friendship.



At the National Eucharistic Congress, Decided Excellence Catholic Media - with the help of Bishop William Waltersheid - will be presenting "Beautiful Revelation: The Eucharistic Timeline". Throughout human history, God has left repeated proof of His presence in the Eucharist and that the Eucharist is the source and summit of our Salvation. God has given us the wisdom. Have you taken the time to understand? Read this spiritual journey through time to examine critical moments that God uses to reveal the truth of the Body of Christ.

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