St. George was born in the 3rd century. His parents were of Roman nobility and George entered the Roman military where he ascended the ranks to be in the Emperor’s imperial guard. On one occasion, a dragon (some attribute it to be a crocodile) made its home in a spring that watered a town in modern day Libya. In order to gather water, they had to offer a sheep for the dragon to eat each day. Soon they decided to offer a young woman to the beast instead. At that moment, St George showed up and slayed the dragon and the townspeople could gather water in peace again. 

St. George served during the reign of Diocletian whose persecutions were among the worst for Christians. However, Diocletian was fond of George’s parents, and when George refused to denounce his faith, Diocletian resorted to bribery with riches rather than outright kill him. George still refused to reject Christ and so Diocletian turned to torture by multiple sessions of laceration.  Staying true, George was finally beheaded. He is the patron saint of England.