St. Augustine was born in Roman occupied Africa in the 4th century. He grew up in the Roman noble class and received academic instruction. He excelled and eventually became a teacher of rhetoric in Rome and then Milan. Augustine did not believe in Christianity growing up despite the prayers and exhortations of his mother Monica. He lived a worldly and sinful life and fathered a son out of wedlock.  

It was in Milan that he encountered St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan. It was Ambrose who convinced Augustine that Christianity was the true religion, but he failed to convert right away. It was not until he heard God’s voice in sacred scripture exhorting him to live in purity and in imitation of Christ that he finally chose to be baptized with his son and friend. 
At the death of his son on his return to North Africa, Augustine became a priest and then a bishop of Hippo. He wrote extensively on matters of philosophy and theology with His most famous works being his Confessions and City of God. Over five million written words of his survive for us today in books and sermons. It was his writings that laid the foundation for medieval philosophy and theology. Augustine died at the age of 76 and is one of the original doctors of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the patron saint of brewers.