St. Aloysius was born to a wealthy family in Italy in the 16th century. Even though his father desired him to go to the military, at the age of 9, Aloysius desired to become a religious and promised Jesus his virginity to Jesus. His father initially refused to allow him to enter an order, but Alysious kept an austere prayer life and set his hopes on becoming a Jesuit. At the age of 18, his father relented and Aloysius took up hospital ministry as a Jesuit. He contracted the plague from those he served and died at the age of 23. St. Aloysius had plenty of contact with other saints receiving his first communion from St. Charles Borromeow and last rites from St. Robert Bellarmine.



At the National Eucharistic Congress, Decided Excellence Catholic Media - with the help of Bishop William Waltersheid - will be presenting "Beautiful Revelation: The Eucharistic Timeline". Throughout human history, God has left repeated proof of His presence in the Eucharist and that the Eucharist is the source and summit of our Salvation. God has given us the wisdom. Have you taken the time to understand? Read this spiritual journey through time to examine critical moments that God uses to reveal the truth of the Body of Christ.

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