As we begin Advent, the Church not only looks to the coming of Jesus at Christmas, but also to His second coming. In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks about when He will come back. He warns us that it will be just like when the flood came in the time of Noah. Those who did not follow the will of God, had no idea it was coming. They lived their normal lives without any worry about their sinfulness. Only Noah was spared, because he walked with the Lord and was warned. 

Jesus is telling us that we must not be so prideful to think that the same will not happen to us. The distraction of the world is great. It is very easy to be complacent and not live each day in God’s will, but our own. The person who has been notified of the impending theft, will not let his house be broken into. We also must not be caught off guard. We must live everyday in prayer and ask the simple question of “How does Jesus want me to love today?” If we do this, we will not be caught off guard when Jesus comes again. He is love incarnate, and the one who loves cannot fail to recognize Him, but rather rejoice in His coming.