Moments are set before me in a very well-planned, categorized calendar on my phone. If I don’t lay them before me, then I will forget. Important moments like appointments and interviews rarely would I forget, but it’s nice to have the fifteen minute or five minute reminder to get to a stopping place on whatever ‘job’ I’m doing previously.

What gets me are the more menial moments, that if forgotten can add up to others feeling insignificant, like picking up dry-cleaning, running by the store to get shaving cream and razors, or even ironing the pants that have been sitting wrinkled on the chair for three weeks. Now you might be thinking ‘those aren’t moments, those are tasks!’… but not to me. To me these are all moments in my day, and I can choose to do them, or I can choose to ignore them.

And I call them ‘moments’ because regardless of the significance or importance, they mean something to someone. To me, to my husband, to my kids, my friends, coworkers, boss, and survivors … every moment in my day is connected to something or someone deemed worthy and thus worth my attention.

Writing this article, for example. I’ve been putting it off because each day has been filled with pretty significant moments regarding my family, which will always come first. When a moment arose that I could gather my thoughts and dig around to see what had been pushed back and forgotten, I knew I needed to set a time to offer something to lend some sense of hope and camaraderie.

The healing journey is made up of many moments that need to be acknowledged regardless of their deemed ‘importance’ to others. A part of healing and becoming the man or woman God created you to be is taking on every task given in the day and recognizing the moment it can become not only for yourself, but for those who are attached to it.

In this moment, whether you are sitting at your desk, running on a treadmill, waiting for your car to get washed or oil to get changed, passing time in the doctor’s office waiting room, lounging by the pool, in bed or on the couch enjoying some peace and quiet…this is a moment. Your moment to recognize that in all the tasks you have listed out for the rest of the day, they are purposeful and matter.

You and what you do matters.

Now just show up, get on with your day and smile.