Above my desk I have a sign reads:

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. ~ James 4:8

I’m a visual person so when I read this sign I envision myself literally being brought into an embrace by God. The picture to the left reminds me of what this might be like. There have certainly been moments in my life that all I could do was draw near.

Some might question, “But why do we have to draw near first? Why can’t He just be with us?” And I don’t think I would’ve been able to honestly answer this question unless God hadn’t given me a visual with one of our rescue dogs – Foxy. She was left near the local high school after we had flooded during Hurricane Harvey. She was a 6lb Chihuahua/Terrier mix and would have literally frozen to death. By God’s grace she ended up in our family, though it was the last thing I felt we needed when we still didn’t have a home to live in!

At any rate this dog seemed to have been beaten quite often because every time we went to pick her up, she would back away. The only way we could get to her was if she came close to us, otherwise a game of chase would commence, and we didn’t have time for that.

In many ways we can be like Foxy. So beaten up from our past that we protect ourselves by backing away from God. We don’t trust what His plan is for us, or that He will keep us safe, or even grant us our greatest desires, so we hesitate and often back away to where it’s difficult for Him to bring us in to hold.

To know the safety, comfort, and security that He has for us,  we need to draw near to God so He is able to draw near to us. Recently, I have had many friends ask me to pray with and for them in regards to immediate needs. The answers to these immediate needs would determine peace and security within home situations. These friends all have their own personal relationships with the Lord and know to draw near, but even as we come forward there is that hesitation, will this hurt me? Will it not be the answer I think is the correct answer to this prayer? How will I manage if it’s not what I think is what will bring peace? 

In each situation God, even in the final hour, came through with an answer that undoubtedly was His doing because it took away the confusion, fear, and doubt, and brought peace in their lives.

It is difficult to let go and let God when we have gone through so much in life.  To be able to trust that His promise will bring a greater good, especially when we are taken to that final hour.  For me, it has been His promise that happens to be what keeps me going, especially being honored to witness His answer to my friends after we came together in prayer. He has taken my past and made diamonds out of the dust. Again and again, He has shown me that He is good on His promise, therefore, there is no need to doubt.