Nearly a decade ago, I experienced the Holy Spirit at work within a Christian denomination.  In May when it is our time to celebrate Pentecost, I am always reminded of this one moment, and I felt it necessary to share it with you.  We have the gift in the TRINITY, but if you don’t fully embrace the gift we have in the HOLY SPIRIT then we are missing out on the power that is within us on a daily basis!

I went to Cornerstone TV to tape the Real Life interviews and left there with an entire day for the Lord to be creative in Pittsburgh, and boy was it a surprise blessing!

In one spirit we are all baptized into the body of Christ… 1 Corinthians 12:13

When I got off the plane, the night before filming, I was met by a gentle giant named Damon. He worked for Cornerstone Media and was my ride to the hotel. Immediately we made what I’d call a ‘Holy Spirit’ connection. For the 40 minute ride we shared our testimonies, and his encouragement in God’s Word was exactly what I needed to ease the nerves and to prepare to do what God was calling me into the next day.

Damon showed up for the interview to intercede in prayer for me. Knowing he was praying on the sidelines as the interview took place was a blessed comfort. When we were finished, he took me to lunch and to the hotel. After lunch, he tentatively asked if I’d be interested in attending a prayer meeting with him at his church that day. How could I resist a few hours of prayer?

I walked into the sanctuary and was immediately welcomed and with a little introduction of who I was and why I was in Pittsburgh. We then went straight into intercessory prayer.

Time flew. We were worshiping and before I knew it the pastor was introducing me again to the prayer warriors of her congregation. She said she felt a stirring of the spirit to bless the ministry I had founded, Hopeful Hearts Ministry.  This small congregation who is in need of their own tithe wanted to give Hopeful Hearts Ministry an offering!

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is Awe & Wonder and in this moment, this prayer group succeeded. I was in awe of their obedience and generosity. Tears flowed and then they laid hands over me and gave me an anointing of prayer with an extra gift – a prophecy.

I went to Pittsburgh to be a vessel for the Lord and in return I received an abundance of His anointing love and blessings because I said ‘yes’ to prayer. The Holy Spirit is powerful! COME, HOLY SPIRIT!