Without the assistance of grace, immortality is more of a burden than a blessing. – St. Ambrose

If you understand [God], it is not God. – St. Augustine

For almighty God … because he is supremely good, would never allow any evil whatsoever to exist in his works if he were not so all-powerful and good as to cause good to emerge from evil itself. – St. Augustine 

Never lose hope in God’s mercy – St. Benedict 

God’s love for us was so unspeakably crazy that, when we had become enemies because of our sin, God wanted to make us friends. – St. Catherine of Siena 

The Lord of all asks for mercy, not sacrifice, and mercy is greater than myriads of fattened lambs. Let us then show him mercy in the persons of the poor and those who today are lying on the ground, so that when we come to leave this world they may receive us into everlasting dwelling places. – St. Gregory of Nazianzen 

For us the fear of God consists wholly in love, and perfect love of God brings our fear of him to its perfection. Our love for God is entrusted with its own responsibility: to observe his counsels, to obey his laws, to trust his promises. – St. Hilary 

Few persons comprehend what God would affect in their souls if they gave themselves up entirely into his hands and allowed his grace to act within them. – St. Ignatius of Loyola 

God bore with man patiently when he fell because he foresaw the victory that would be through his Word.  – St. Irenaeus 

The Spirit prepares man to receive the Son of God, the Son leads him to the Father, and the Father, freeing him from change and decay, bestows the eternal life that comes to everyone from seeing God. – St. Irenaeus 

For the Lord is gracious and merciful and prefers the conversion of a sinner rather than his death. Patient and generous in his mercy, he does not give into human impatience but is willing to wait a long time for our repentance. – St. Jerome

Just as water extinguishes a fire, so love wipes away sin. – St. John of God 

The soul is like a pane of glass and God’s love is like the sun. It is, accordingly, when God’s love is shining most directly on the soul that its smudges and imperfections are most apparent. – St. John of the Cross

To those who suffer wounds in fighting his battles God opens his arms in loving, tender friendship, which is more delightful by far than anything our earthly efforts might produce. If we have any sense, we shall yearn for these open arms of God. – St. John of Avila 

Dear friends, at every moment the earth is full of the mercy of God, and nature itself is a lesson for all the faithful in the worship of God. – St. Leo the Great

God desires to be loved rather than feared, to be a father rather than a Lord. – St. Peter Chrysologus 


There is no contradiction between God’s gentleness and God’s fierceness: they are both expressions of his love. – Bishop Barron 

Just as the world comes into being through a sheer act of grace, so newness of spiritual life flows not from the worthiness of the one who receives it, but from the pure generosity of the one who gives it. – Bishop Barron 

The Creator of the universe, the uncaused cause of all of finitude, is always ready to celebrate with us, because he is neither compromised by our sin nor enhanced by our virtue. He is nothing but love, right through, and therefore the party is permanently on. All we have to do is respond to the invitation. – Bishop Barron 

The true God does not compete with freedom; rather, he awakens it and directs it.- Bishop Barron 

The invisible God, from the fullness of his love, addresses men as his friends, and moves among them, in order to invite and receive them into his own company. – Dei Verbum 

We must stick unswervingly to the belief that God loves us with an infinite love and wills our sanctification, whatever our spiritual status may appear to our eyes. – Dietrich von Hildebrand 

For creation without the Creator fades into nothingness. – Gaudium et Spes

 In creating freedom, he made himself in a certain sense dependent upon man. His power is tied to the unenforceable “yes” of a human being. – Joseph Ratzinger 

God does not tyrannize but rules, and when he rules, he does not coerce but encourages and he wishes that those under him yield themselves willingly to his direction so that the good of someone may not be according to compulsion but according to his free will. – Origen 

Without a witness to mercy, life becomes fruitless and sterile, as if sequestered in a barren desert. – Pope Francis 

Our human words always fall short of the mystery of God. – CCC 42

God is the God of the fathers, the One who had called and guided the patriarchs in their wanderings. He is the faithful and compassionate God who remembers them and his promises; he comes to free their descendants from slavery. He is the God who, from beyond space and time, can do this and wills to do it, the God who will put his almighty power to work for this plan. – CCC 205

God himself is an eternal exchange of love, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and he has destined us to share in that exchange. – CCC 221


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